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Thread: Congrats Giants

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    Congrats Giants

    This thread is pretty late, but still in order.

    Congratulations to your New York Football Giants and the fans that have been on here and loved them over the tough couple of years here in the past!

    What is that 4 now? Damn. You're gaining on us! (superbowl trophies that is... I know SweetZombieJesus, more championships)

    A very uncanny season that turned into a championship. Thank your lucky stars for Cruz, JPP, and Eli. They got you there. Then the team, as a whole, won it.



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    Re: Congrats Giants


    Just last night I watched the gamewhere we beat you toget intothe playoffs. If those two fumbles had gone to you instead of us, who knows what would have happened. That being said, with everything on the line, Dallas did not look ready to play. A few of your guys were ready. Sean Lee for one (boy I wish we have drafted him). But for the most part they just looked flat with spurts here and there.</P>

    Anyway, thanks for the congrats and here's looking to our battles down the road. May the best team win (Giants of course).</P>

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    "You killed my family, and I don't like that kind of thing."

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    Thank you sir, I wish more Cowboy fans were like you.

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    Ugh. I cant stand the Cowpukes.

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    New York Giants Superbowl XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI Champions!!!!!

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    Maybe next season we'll split,


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    Re: Congrats Giants

    thanks Ntegrase96...just getting over it??...watching the NYG like a hawk, huh??...i won't tell....

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    I miss the days you guys came here and lol'd Eli

    I can't even bother to lol Romo anymore, its just gotten sad

    Superbowls are fun...maybe Dallas can get to the dance one of these years but then there's always this

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    Re: Congrats Giants

    Thanks Ntegrase96! </P>


    You are one of the few fans of the opposition, that is fair and objective with your posts!</P>


    So Nt, what is your take on who the Cowboys should take in the 1st rd of the draft? Who do you think they will actually wind up taking. I know most people will say CB---Kirkpatrick? Jenkins? </P>
    What a waste! Paid big $$$ to do squat this year. He, Beason and Beatty all should be cut after the season. #madeofglass

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