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[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="tonyt830"]They have our Giants taking Rd 1 David Wilson, RB, Va Tech Rd 2 Jayron Hosley, CB, Va Tech Rd 3 Brandon Brooks, G Miami, OH Rd 4 Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas http://walterfootball.com/draft2012_1.php I don't know much about that Brandon Brooks, but I wouldn't be too upset with those picks.[/quote]Im the Giants GM for a 7 Round expert mock on Friday. The only value I like there is Jarius Wright. These r some guys who I think are more likely in the first Stephen Gilmore CB South Carolina Mark Barron S Alabama Rueben Randle WR LSU Kendall Reyes DT Uconn Coby Fleener TE Stanford Going off there draft board i would of selected 1. Stephen Gilmore CB South Carolina 2. Amini Silatolu, G, Midwestern State 3. Matt Mccants OT UAB or George illoka S Boise State 4. Jarius Wright WR Ark -im fine with If Im faced with that board I will try to move down some. I see Tannehill still on the board I can probably shop the pick and move down to 40 or so. Before I pick on Friday I will show U guys the board and see if u want to throw up some suggestions[/quote]* Ya, i'm not a fan of Walts 4rd mock for us either.. I seen that this morning, and noticed more value in my opinion...* Going by his board, i'd of selected like this...

1.** Kendall Reyes DT Uconn-* Him and Fletcher Cox have eerily similar styles, and i'm a huge Fletcher Cox guy.. Also, Cantys older, and Bernards a FA, and Marvin Austin is still a unknown, missing past 2seasons with injury and suspension.. Reyes has big upside..

2.* Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt- U know how much i like Hayward.. I've been a huge fan of his most of the season, and think he desrves consideration for late 1st/ early 2nd.. I actually have Hayward ranked as teh 2nd best CB* in this draft, ahead of Dre Kirkpatrick...*A ballhawk , whos willing and able to play the run, and has great instincts... Sign me up...

3. Brian Quick WR App st-* Big WR, who i think would fit well with Cruz and Nicks.. He would give us that Possesion WR/ Can get deep on occasion WR that we lost with Plax... Quicks hands are very reliable..

4. Vick Ballard RB Miss ST- Underrated Back, has power and burst..

[/quote]I like all those players but the O Line to me is just putrid.Every player on the line save for Snee is one of the worst starters in the NFL[/quote]

Yeah I know what you mean ... Eli being one of the least sacked QBs and the Giants having a Top 10 offense and all

But yeah I think we need a high Oline pick, for RT if nothing else.