[quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="BlueSanta"]Thats not true at all. They used superimposed images vs Jacoby ford, Javid best, Spliier and the other fast* guys from that year to show us how Mays ran slower that those guys. They also compared Ford to Chris Johnson's record run of 4.24 and confirmed he was slightly slower. The video confirmed the official results for all of us to see on TV. The hand timers were WAY off, they even said it on air.*

As I said, Mays ran a 4.31. The video was simulcast with Trindon Holliday and Jacoby Ford.

Jacoby Ford finished first in the video (he ran a 4.28). Mays finished second, then Holliday finished third. Holliday ran a 4.34.

The official time was absolutely 1000% wrong.

There is absolutely no way he ran faster than Holliday, but had a .1 slower time. As I said, scouts in the stands overall agreed he ran somewhere in the 4.30-4.33 range.

If we want to get further into it... they changed from the RCA dome to Lucas Oil Stadium in 2008.

Theres a reason the times at the new stadium have been lower, despite guys who are legitimate world class sprinters (trindon holliday, Chris Rainey, etc). The new turf is already notoriously slower than the old stadium, and player have mentioned it as well.

Chris Johnson would have timed quite a bit slower. Not going to speculate on the difference, but wouldnt be surprised if he ran in the 4.3 flat range.[/quote]Yeah I saw the Vid Slip is talking about. They screwed up the times