Now that the combine is over, who are your favorite couple of guys you'd like to see in giants blue?

Here's mine:

Stephen Hill WR - Tall and fast.

Mohamed Sanu WR - As a 4th year rutgers student, I can atest to this guys beastness. Guy just makes plays.

Mychal Kendricks ILB - I know he's small (although 240 lbs), but he is fast and very fluid in motion. Michael Lombardi mentioned him as a possible convert to safety.

Luke Kuechly ILB - Probably won't be available for us, but the kid is great.

David Wilson RB - an all-around great back who also would be a great threat in the receiving game. Would need to work on pass protection however.

Robert Turbin RB - A big bruising back with great speed considering his size. I think it was appropriate he was number 27 at the combine.

Dwayne Allen TE - A good receiving TE who can line up in multiple spots and I've heard is a decent blocker as well.

Dontari Poe DT - HUGE man who can move that body. After his combine performace, probably won't be available when we pick.