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Thread: Nigel bradham

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    Re: Nigel bradham

    Personally, I would rather see us take Bruce Irvin from West Virginia, Think he could come in behind Kiwi if you needed to line him on as an DE. Like his ability in coverage and his size.

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    Re: Nigel bradham

    Why with Kiwi does it have to be one or the other. The NFL is not cut in dry like that. I dont see why he just cant be moved around to get snaps.He plays the run well at LB.Williams and Boley were good as the Nickel LB's I dont see a problem. Dont know why he is always being forced back to DE were he will play limited snaps

    Bradham is a nice player physically one of the hardest hitters in CFB but he isnt instinctive . Should be a nightmare on special teams though

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    Re: Nigel bradham

    [quote user="myles2424"]Everyone has different opinions on our Lbs.....IMO I think kiwi needs to stay at DE & we need a upgrade in the middle...
    But regardless nobody can argue that we don't need more competition at LB......sintim likely gone,and between jones,herzlich,pay singer,Blackburn at least one will be gone......

    Any thoughts on Bradham? Seems like one of the few guys with the size/speed/coverage/run/4-3 combos....[/quote]

    We have a bajillion LBers and depth at each of the LBer positions.

    I don't see this as being an area of need and I think the Giants don't even draft a LBer this year.

    Re Kiwi: I think Kiwi will be used much like he was last year ... swapping between DE and SAM ... whatever keeps him on the field the most.

    I would like to see us have a more mobile MLB but since MLB is a two down backer these days I'm ok with Goff,
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    Re: Nigel bradham

    [quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="myles2424"]
    Not a kiwi hater,but I prefer him at DE. But I do agree he needs to be on the field somehow.....
    And sintim hasn't done a thing to be deserving of a roster spot,easily upgradable....[/quote]

    Its not an easy upgrade for Sintim considering the money involved. Sintim is only getting like 500k, the vet minimum is 300k something. So for 200k you think you can find an upgrade? Its doubtful.[/quote]Pretty sure Sintim is making a little bit more than that. NEway, for a 2nd RD draft pick and highly productive guy coming out of college, he's been a disappointment to this point. This guy lead the nation in sacks as an OLB in Virginia's 34 defense & was said to be the next best thing as a rush linebacker going into the draft.

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    Re: Nigel bradham

    Personally, I feel Kiwi's best role is as the 'Joker' or 'Rover' who can play up and down the line or stand up. He's got great versatility and athleticism... let him use it.

    With Sintim, I hope he can come back, because I really liked how he was playing in preseason. He was dropping with fluidity and when he tore his ACL, he was right in a WR's hip pocket. He was also playing with power going forwards... It looked to me like the start of a breakout season.

    Unfortunately, I have to wonder if he'll ever be on the field again as a player. IIRC, he tore the same ACL twice in the same year. That's got to be double tough to come back from. Maybe if he gets PUP'd he can contribute later on, down the stretch.

    As for LB's in the draft, Bradham could be a good choice. Likewise Mychael Kendricks really opened some eyes and made himself some money at the combine. Also, I'm really high on Audie Cole. He's built just like a Giants draft choice, is a good player, and can play inside or out.

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    Re: Nigel bradham

    [quote user="slipknottin"]Why does Kiwi need to move to DE? Theres kind of a jam there considering he has three all-pro DEs in front of him. If you want Kiwi on the field, it has to be at LB. Sintim wont get cut either, hes inexpensive.[/quote]Slip, you are better than Sintim! lolWhat does cheap have to do with anything?Groucho Marx used to say, if you pay peanuts, you get elephants. We need upgrades at LB.
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