I fully expect the Giants to look to trade back. QB is going to be a hot topic this draft, just like last year. But, I think teams may not pull the trigger as quickly as last year. But lets assume the Giants stay put......

Round 1 -

Orson Charles, TE - Georgia... flat out weapon for the offense. Eli is playing at an elite level and they need to continue to put weapons around him. This will also allow them to feel better about letting MM go and hoping JJ or Barden develop.

Round 2 -

Kevin Zeitler, OG - Wisconsin.... perfect fit for the Giants offensive line. DD has had a nice run, but his window is almost shut and with the money he is due.... done. Zeitler is a nasty player that does a wonderful job in run support.

Round 3 -

Vontaz Burfict, ILB - Arizona State... HERE ME OUT...This kid is a wild card. Flashes greatness, then pulls some stupid moves. I really dont like how he threw his coaches under the bus. However, Erickson is a joke and has been that way since his days at Miami. It wouldnt surprise that they hurt his development. This kid needs direction and for a coach/locker room to give him guidance. Giants are first class organization. His talent is there, TC will be the perfect father figure.

Round 4 -

Doug Martin, RB - Boise State..... along the same molds as Ray Rice. Shorter guy, built really put together. Great quickness, speed and a nice job as a receiving back.

Round 5 -

Donnie Fletcher, CB - Boston College.... Great Size, solid speed. BC as a team was... well.... awful this year!! Kuechly is clearly the prize piece, but Fletcher provides the Giants with a solid CB that can get physical with receivers. Depth is needed.

Round 6 -

Olivier Vernon, DE - The U.... this kid is a project. But, a seriously talented project at that. His game is smooth and does a really nice job rushing the passer. He missed some games this past season, due to being suspended for the Nevin Shapiro incident. He definately could have used another year of college ball. But, he could be a sleeper.