Basically, what the title of the thread says. Then in a few years, we all get to see who was right and pat them on the back. Sound good? Lets do it</P>

My Mega Bust of 2012 is.....</P>

Quentin Coples - Would of been Votaze Burfect but obviously he is busting before the draft even happens. I like Coples skill set, I just dont think he will offer his all in the NFL. He has the size, and the talent, but I got a feeling once he gets the cash money, he wont produce like the top 10 pick he will be. Inconsistant, non reliable motor. Then again, I could be wrong. I thought Cam Newton would be horrible last year. Also Gabbert. Guess I was right on half. But cant really label anyone drafted last year a bust. I also said Alex Smith and Jamarcus Russellwould be horrible. </P>