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Thread: Name your Bust in the 2012 NFL Draft

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    Re: Name your Bust in the 2012 NFL Draft

    [quote user="TuckYou"]

    Basically, what the title of the thread says. Then in a few years, we all get to see who was right and pat them on the back. Sound good? Lets do it

    My Mega Bust of 2012 is.....

    Quentin Coples - Would of been Votaze Burfect but obviously he is busting before the draft even happens. I like Coples skill set, I just dont think he will offer his all in the NFL. He has the size, and the talent, but I got a feeling once he gets the cash money, he wont produce like the top 10 pick he will be. Inconsistant, non reliable motor. Then again, I could be wrong. I thought Cam Newton would be horrible last year. Also Gabbert. Guess I was right on half. But cant really label anyone drafted last year a bust. I also said Alex Smith and Jamarcus Russellwould be horrible.


    And the New York Jets select.... Quinten Coples. ENJOY

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    Re: Name your Bust in the 2012 NFL Draft

    David Wilson. lol jk. But seriously. He got drafted in the First round by us. Didn't you hear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavyhitter View Post
    [quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="heavyhitter"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"]Andrew Luck will be a bust. Book it
    I'm serious. I don't think he will adjust to the NFL level. He'll be on a TERRIBLE Colts team with no blocking or defense. It has Tim Couch or Ryan Leaf written all over it.[/quote]Bold statement & anything is possible but I actually think Luck is one of the "safest" or "cleanest" prospects in this years draft. Probably not the safest pick, but his name has gotta be pretty high on that list. Oh well, time will tell I guess.[/QUOTE]

    I love looking back at these old threads.
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    That Luck bust prediction didnt go too well i see

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