[quote user="bLuereverie"][quote user="TuckYou"]This is the same team that got a 1st (DRC) and a 2nd for Kevin freaking Kolb. They could pull it off.[/quote] Easier to say it failed in hindsight after Kolb's troubles, but at the time Kolb was a young quarterback with potential. It was worth a gamble.[/quote]</P>

Thats ridiculous. If I knew Kolb wasnt that good, those teams had to know that. Giving up a 1st round player and a 2nd round pick was absolutely stupid. Im going to laugh when some team pays Flynn an astronomical amount of money because of one good game. Some organizations are so stupid. Eagles and Pats have been known to pick apart these stupid teams. Kafka for a 2nd round pick and a good WR? Absolutely! He has potential! lol</P>

Again, I never really saw anything great for Kolb to warrent what they gave up. Stupid Cardinals...</P>