[quote user="bELIeve_in_Giants"]

[quote user="greenca190"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="greenca190"][quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"][quote user="jhamburg"][quote user="GiantsInTheNFCEast"][quote user="BlueBlitzer"]One of their coaches supposedly was rewarding players ( Or so I heard on Sirius this morning )[/quote] No biggie. Buddy Ryan was accused in the 80's for the same thing[/quote] This ain't the 80s. Look at everything the NFL has done in recent years to curtail player injuries. And now they find out a team was paying their players to headhunt QBs? They are going to get crucified.[/quote] In the 80's, football was a man's sport almost as manly as hockey and rugby. The NFL is slowly turning into a flag football league. Now, there is more brutality in the LFL. This ain't the 80's. The only manly QB's are Cutler, Eli, Peyton, and Favre. The rest demand penalties. It's a great league for a bunch of wannabe men.[/quote] Certainly, this is being painted as an issue of player safety in the media. Does anyone here own a business? What happens when you don't make note of money that you are paying your employees? Or really, any money going in and out of the business. You get ****ed. Big time. The Saints have been paying their players under the table in certain aspects for the last three years. Completely dismantling NFL cap regulation rules and our countries laws. This is a much bigger issue than "player safety". I have seen plenty of Saints games over the last three years. I haven't seen any hits where I thought to myself, "it looks as if they are purposely attempting to hurt that guy". Sure, I've seen big hits, but nothing that seemed overly violent. However, I am pretty ticked off that they feel as if they deserve an unfair advantage over other teams in the league. I'm pretty ticked off that some guys will make my monthly earnings on one big hit, and not get taxed for any of it. I think you should be too.[/quote] First of all, screw taxes. I do whatever I can to weasel my way out of taxes and I commend anyone who does the same. Second of all, paying money to get around the salary cap should result in SERIOUS repercussions for the team. IE ALL of their draft pics for 2 years and 10-20 mil taken away from their cap for at least 2 years. I don't care if it sends the team to the stone age. If you cheat, you should be punished severely to the point where you have to start over.[/quote] Okay, your opinion of whether you want to pay taxes or not is unnecessary here. What happens when you don't? You get in trouble. Fines, prison, etc. This is what Goodell is dealing with here - much more than just player safety.[/quote]</P>

Not only tax issues, but salary cap issues.* </P>[/quote]
The legal ramifications are brutal. This isn't going to stop with a swift punishment by the league, Goodell wants to put this deal over the rear view mirror and get over it but it will linger in so many bad ways.