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    Enough with the big free agents

    we arent signing anyone of note. keep our own guys and live with it. we just won it all the team has no reason to appease the fans after this kind of year plus we are over the cap, so stop with the nicks and mario williams silly threads not happening

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    Re: Enough with the big free agents

    We have no money next!!!

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    Re: Enough with the big free agents

    Or as Reese would say, "the sexy moves and the sexy signings"
    3/25/14 - Updated Mock with 5th round comp pick

    1. Anthony Barr, Defensive End, UCLA
    2. Marcus Martin, Center Guard, USC
    3. Anthony Johnson, Defensive Nostril Tackle, LSU
    4. Marcel Jensen, Offensive End, Fresno State
    5. Wesley Johnson, Offensive Any Guard, Vanderbilt
    5. Aaron Colvin, Defensive Halfback, Oklahoma
    6. Storm Johnson, Guy Who Runs With Football, UCF

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    Re: Enough with the big free agents

    The only big names associated with us will be the ones we cut

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    Re: Enough with the big free agents

    Agreed - but bargain hunting is something we may do.

    Guys like chris carr (may be too much) scott chandler (nice receiving TE) and more.

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    Re: Enough with the big free agents

    Welcome to the boards. Get used to it, every offseason or any time during the season when guys get cut, there is gonna be someone posting that we should get this guy or that guy. It never fails and it never goes away.

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    Re: Enough with the big free agents

    i know ,
    people are acting like this was a 9 and 7 team
    last year with a bunch of holes to fill.
    go figure.
    the pen is said to be mightier than the sword.....
    but when is the last time your sword ran out of ink ?

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