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Thread: Arian Foster

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    Arian Foster

    Question: If the Texans franchise him do the Giants make a pay with thier first round pick? Would you be in favor of this?

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    Re: Arian Foster

    the guy is a beast and worth the32nd pick,but do the Giants have the money Bradshaw,Jacobs and Ware would have to go to clear space?

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    Re: Arian Foster

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    Re: Arian Foster

    Franchising doesn't mean they're available for a first. If its restricted, different story.

    And by time you trade for him and give him a huge deal, it really isn't. Trading a first round pick for an undrafted player is pretty ironic too, because Foster is one of many players who show the value in the draft and the draft process, and trading for him depletes your draft.
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    Re: Arian Foster

    [quote user="Blue_Buddha"]Question: If the Texans franchise him do the Giants make a pay with thier first round pick? Would you be in favor of this?[/quote]

    If I'm not mistaken, if he were to be franchised then it would be two first round picks that the Giants would need to send his way. Because he is an RFA with the highest tender, the Giants would have to outbid the Texans for him. If they can, then they send a first round pick to them for him.

    The highest tender used to be a first and a third but now it is only a #1. I wouldnt be surprised, if he isn't franchised, when some teams try to snatch him up. Him and Mike Wallace. Could be interesting.

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    Re: Arian Foster

    Did they rule there is no more cap?

    Why don't the Giants just sign every FA?

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    Re: Arian Foster

    aint gonna happen so why bother even fantasizing....

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    Re: Arian Foster

    just stop

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    Re: Arian Foster

    No cap space for him and I don't want so much money wrapped up in 1 RB anymore. I think the Giants' approach is much better.

    Focus on the o-line.

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    Re: Arian Foster

    i don't understand why fans want every good free
    agent that becomes available , i deplore this crap.
    i HATE free agency , always have.

    i don't want to win with ex-cowboys and ex-steelers and ex-redskins or ex-anybody.

    i want to win with home-grown original new york giants.

    nowadays the mentality is some sick kind of "fantasy football"
    instant gratification syndrome.

    most free agents are busts anyways.
    they come to a new scheme and system and
    are usually never as good as they were with
    their original team.
    do you think A Foster is really gonna flourish
    behind this o-line ?

    no i would not want A Foster or Barry Sanders.
    nor would i want Mike Wallace or Jerry Rice.
    they are not New York Giants........
    some of you maroons are probably gonna want Peyton when the Colts release him.

    where is your loyalty people , where is your pride.
    due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
    my opinions may be chemically enhanced and influenced by severe episodes of memory loss

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