[quote user="BlueSanta"]The Martin leap didnt surprise me too much. He has had 1 of the best all around offseasons in recent memory.But my God, that is a really good top 5 RB class.

I was more shocked to see Hill vault into the top 5 WRs.

As far as Orson Charles, I remember Mayock saying he wished there were 2 categories: 1 for TEs and 1 for H-back types(he also wanted seperate categories for 34 OLB and 43 OLB). I think Mayock would argue that the top 3 TEs are all going to be valued different on each team based on the type of offense they run. Charles is the best pure H-back. Fleener likely the best end line guy and Allen the best multi-use guy.

I found it interesting that Menzie is listed as a top 5 safety. How bad is this safety class that a guy who was a decent corner but ran a bad time is now considered a top 5 safety.

Also Josh Robinson of central Florida. I mentioned this kid a while back as a sleeper. Now, according to Mayock he is a 1st round talent.

For some more rumors as well as Mayock comments see HERE.


Josh Robinson!

I had redeye do a video of him when he went up against Aj green