Every yr theres guys that remind me of Reese/Giant type players or prospects, and more often then not, one or 2 or more of those guys end up garnering interest leading up to the draft and sometimes get picked by them as well.. Adrien Tracy and Linval Joseph are a couple that come to mind off the top of my head... Anyhow, here are a few players that remind me of Reese guys or Giants type guys in general...</P>

Jerel Worthy DT Michigan St- This guy totally reminds me of a GIANT type prospect, especially if he somehow fell to the last pick of RD 2(he won't), and i woulden't even be shocked if the GIANTS were really interested with last pick of RD 1.. Of course really being interested in a player isn't all it takes, as the GUYS gotta be on the board at the right time and what not, and we also gotta have not addressed the positon all ready in FA'cy or earlier in the draft..</P>

Audie Cole LB Nc State- A guy who i think Reese will like, for his on field savy and awareness, and possibly value, depending on how far down Cole goes, i could see reese coveting the big bruising LB from NC STATE.. Just has a GIANT feel to him..</P>

Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin- Zeitler reminds me alot of a Seubert/Diehl /O'hara type "hard nosed" , wheres his "hard hat" to work everyday olineman, who would fit well as the kinda lineman we've seen to covet in recent yrs.. I easily could see Zeitler as a Reese guy, possibly in RD 2... I at least can see us showing interest leading up to the draft..</P>

Robert Turbin RB Utah St- Just has a feel of a guy Reese would covet, especially with the nice 40time at the combine, which just adds intrigue to his entire package, as a well built bruiser, who has the size to where down a defense, and u add in the speed to also go the distance, and i could see Reese really intrigued...</P>

Stephon Gilmore CB S.Carolina- Fits the Giant CB mold to a Tee.. Good size, solid speed, and plays the run well... I bet u Reese is all ready drewling over this guy...</P>