[quote user="critters"][quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="TuckYou"]Im going to say right now, that, watching Alabama play in the SEC and not watching them perform in the combine, Upshaw and Hightower will both be studs in the NFL. Also, everone is looking at Kirkpatrick as the big time CB from Bama and 1st round talant, but if you look hard enough, a CB named DeQuan Menzie quietly performed and is ready to get drafted late in the draft. He was opposite Kirkpatrick and held his own. Watch out now.[/quote]

According to Mayock, after the combine Menzie is now being considered as a safety in the NFL. His lackluster speed and explosion at the combine combined with the ongoing concerns about his previous tear of an achilles are the primary reasons. His very short arms and subpar vertical didnt help either. I agree that his place in the league may be as a safety.

He was a good player at Bama but his past achilles tear was a tragedy.**

I think he'd be a good safety as well. He's built a lot thicker than I thought and was always great against the run. Really good tackler and was tough to beat after the catch.


I don't see his injury having an effect on him. He was playing, and outplaying Dre Kirkpatrick IMO, within like 4 months of that injury. It obviously wasn't too bad because he played WAY ahead of schedule. He had intended to redshirt because of it and never needed to. He beat out a 5 star starter soon after.

Also, Josh Chapman could be a late round find for DT. Also playing in that Bama dline