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Thread: Marcus Trufant

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    Marcus Trufant

    Marcus Trufant was just let go by the Seahawks. Should the Giants sign him. His tough play would be an asset to the secondary.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    Pass...we got more than enough CB's at the moment and much bigger problems that we need to address. Let's sign T2 first.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    Aw hell, just when you thought it was safe... Can't be many free agent suggestions left now.

    No, Trufant will command too high a price.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    trufant has been garbage for the past couple seasons.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    [quote user="slipknottin"]trufant has been garbage for the past couple seasons.[/quote]and has had injury issues as well.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    Sign or own guys and draft a secondary guy or two. Use any cap space on our guys.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    [quote user="JJC7301"]Sign or own guys and draft a secondary guy or two. Use any cap space on our guys.[/quote]

    if we don't sign T2, then this guy would be a good idea

    Ross will probably cost more than him.

    Although Ross really turned his season around this year. MUCH better last 1/3 of the season

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    As long as we resign T2 I think we are fine in the scondary.

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    I wouldn't want Trufant.
    I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)

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    Re: Marcus Trufant

    hilarious how people keep talking about T2.

    The man is broken!!

    Do you guys still long for your first grade girlfiends too?

    Move on.
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