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Thread: TE or BPA at 32?

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    Re: TE or BPA at 32?

    [quote user="DaveBrown"]Most mock drafts have Reese taking one of the 3 TE's - what's the consensus out there? Best player available or drafting a position of need this year?[/quote]

    They aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. If there is a TE there who's near the top of their board, they'll take him. Having signed Ballard, I wonder if they will give Beckum an injury settlement? If they see Ballard as the future, they really may look for a "good" veteran TE for this season and bring Ballard back onto the field when he comes off PUP. That will give them time to evaluate Ballard's health and projected value moving forward.
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    Re: TE or BPA at 32?

    I'm sure that FA Jacob Tamme must have been brought up in a thread or two that I missed. I know he's not going to take over a game, but I see him as a solid guy in a TE mix, if we're going to move on from one of the guys currently on the roster. Not suggesting that we'd sign him instead of drafting a promising young tight end.

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    Re: TE or BPA at 32?

    NO, NO to a TE in round1, none are worth it BPA, no question.

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    Re: TE or BPA at 32?

    I think we're going into the season with Pascoe as our starting TE until Ballard comes off of the PUP, but I really dont believe we're going TE in the 1st 2-3 rounds.

    That being said, I think we're going after either one of the OT's or possibly a CB is one of the big prospects drops to us, like Prince last season.

    ...Then again, BPA is always a viable option
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