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Thread: Mock 3.9

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    Mock 3.9

    let me know what you all think, this mock is assuming we resign TT.

    1. Fleener TE
    2. Zeitler LG
    3. Mychal Kendricks MLB
    4. Turbin RB
    5. Antonia Allen SS
    6. BPA

    I like Antonio Allen because he is an in hte box safety but has shown decent coverage ability and could take over for Deon Grant and/or push Sash if Grant is gone.

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    Re: Mock 3.9

    I love that Robert Turbin pick I really hope we draft this guy he is a BEAST and a sleeper pick he could come in and fill that Brandon Jacobs spot immediately. Also if Bradshaw can't go because of an injury I like the young running back Scott so we should still be good I know for sure Giants looking at Turbin though.

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