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    Evaluate Defensive Line Psns

    (Theme: Where can we improve throught FA and draft)
    Q1: Who do we cut?
    Q2: Who do you prefer as replacement or improvement via FA or draft?

    *Rookie DT via Draft
    *Rookie DE via Draft

    ===DE === (Keep 5)
    69 Trattou, Justin DE 6'4" 255 Exp1 Florida
    90 Pierre-Paul, JasonDE 6'5" 278 Exp2 SFlori
    71 Tollefson, Dave DE 6'4" 266 Exp5 NMissSt
    91 Tuck, Justin DE 6'5" 268 Exp7 ND
    72 Umenyiora, Osi DE 6'3" 255 Exp9 Troy
    *Rookie DE via Draft
    Tracy, Adrian DE 6'2" 245 Exp2 W&M
    NOTE: Is he a DE or LB (Tweener DE/LB)?

    94 Kiwanuka, MathiasDE 6'5" 267 Exp6 BC

    === DT === (Keep 4)
    99 Canty, Chris DT 6'7" 317 Exp7 Virginia
    96 Austin, MarvinDT 6'2" 312 Exp0 NC
    Hendricks, D DT 6'3" 305 Exp1 Miami
    97 Joseph, LinvalDT 6'4" 323 Exp2 E Carolina
    * Rookie via Draft


    73 Kennedy, Jim DT 6'4" 302 Exp9 Penn St
    95 Bernard, RockyDT 6'3" 301 Exp10 TexasA&M

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    Re: Evaluate Defensive Line Psns

    I would say that there is nothing to evaluate at the DLine, as they are the best in football. I would look to trade Osi for an OT or LB, but other than that, it's all good.

    I do agree that we carry too many DTs, but I would keep 5 instead of 4, as injuries have been all to familiar as of late.

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    Re: Evaluate Defensive Line Psns

    Regarding OSI...

    We will def keep Osi, at least for one year. I expect the Giants to negotiate and extend his contract. Don't be surprised. Osi is amazing. He puts pressure on the QB, he is great at forcing fumbles. He adds a dimension that gives us strength on our DLine that is too valuable to eliminate. Keep him as part of our strength.

    He did get paid well. His contract was front loaded and he got his money for the years he played. Naturally as years move on in a long contract, eventually FA DEs will get more money for the new year. That's part of life and he signed his contract and got his money up front. Honor thy contract! Although he has had injuries, he is more valuable remaining with the Giants.

    Unless another Team offers a first round pick, i would not trade him this year. If we do not extend his contract, then we will gte some type compensation for him. It's a win win for us either way.

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