Looks like they won't be making all those huge free agency pickups now.


Well, it wasnít just a rumor.</p>

We explained an hour ago that there has been talk of the NFL taking action against teams that deliberately dumped salaries into the uncapped year of 2010.</p>

The two primary violators were the Cowboys and Redskins, according to
Adam Schefter of ESPN. Per Schefter, the league will punish the teams
by removing millions in cap dollars.</p>

How many millions? Schefter reports that the Cowboys will lose more than $10 million ó and that the Redskins will lose $36 million.
(And now we know why the Redskins got the Griffin deal done last week;
the Rams likely would have wanted even more for the second overall pick

The teams can divide the cap losses between 2012 and 2013 in any portion they want. As of Sunday, the Redskins more than $30 million in cap space in 2012. The Cowboys had less than $5 million.</p>

The money will be reallocated to the other teams, with every
franchise except the Saints and Raiders picking up $1.6 million in extra
cap space. (The Saints and Raiders presumably donít get the extra
money as their own punishment for engaging in similar tactics in 2010.)</p>

So, for the second time in 10 days, the NFL has acknowledged
cheating. Though this isnít as serious as the Saintsí bounty system,
itís still cheating. And the consequence demonstrates what the league
thinks of it."</p>