[quote user="Ntegrase96"][quote user="FeaglesPuntsEaglesRunts"]Well, not cheating in traditional terms, but trying to "cheat" the cap system.

This won't be any kind of scandal, just costly to both teams.

I understand the implication. But the fact is, there's nothing different in what the Cowboys and Redskins did to restructure contracts in an uncapped year than what several other teams did to save money in the same year. If not, the NFL wouldn't have allowed the Cowboys to restructure Miles Austin's contract like they did (they have to approve before the contract takes effect).

The uncapped part of the paragraph above implies that ALL teams were allowed to do what we and our NFCE counterparts did. They just didn't, most likely because they couldn't. And now they're crying foul because they felt that the Cowboys and Redskins gained an unfair advantage. An advantage they gained, but how unfair it was shouldn't be a topic of debate. Both the Redskins and Cowboys played by the rules that year.


If they played by the rules, then why is NFL taking tens of millions of dollars from them and reallocating said funds to the other 30 teams?

Seems like a penalty for some kind of rules violation to me, no matter how you spin it.