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[quote user="gmen46"] Why is it so hard (for me) to believe this? 1) Because what you describe has not been in any media explanation that I have seen. If you have a direct link or reference, I'd love to read it. 2) Because what you describe means that Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder--two of the LAST NFL owners I believe would just roll over and take it up the *** from the NFL--are, in fact, allowing tens of millions of dollars to be taken from them, for NO REASON at all, according to you and ntegrase. I invert your question back to you. Why is it NOT hard for you and ntegrase to believe this nonsense?[/quote]</p>

All the stuff I've said has been in every report on the matter. </p>

The reason why Jones and Snyder haven't done anything is because about the only recourse they'd have is to start an anti-trust suit. They'd spend way more than they'd ever get in a settlement.</p>

And no money is being taken from them, they're just getting deducted cap space and the total value of that space is distributed to all but 5 or 6 teams.</p>

The owners are just pissy that the Cowboys and Redskins didn't abide by their agreement and are now seeking retribution. </p>[/quote]Its cap space they would of got charged with anyway. They are trying to act above the rest of the teams in the NFL. Skins and Boys fans dont seem to understand if the teams didnt agree to this there would of been total anarchy. The cap would of been meaningless[/quote]

There wasn't a formal agreement. That's what you don't seem to be understanding. The year was uncapped and teams could choose to do as they pleased.

It was a backhand agreement amongst owners. Granted the Cowboys and Redskins 'acted above the agreement' so to speak, but whoever said they agreed to it in the first place? They weren't legally bound to do so, and their actions suggest they never did anyway.

So tell me, based on the rules of an uncapped year, how were the Cowboys and Redskins out of bounds?

Anarchy eh? It's not like the league has been capped forever. I'm pretty sure it survived before the cap and an uncapped year wouldn't ruin the league or create anarchy.