[quote user="BluGiantPies"][quote user="Spizi"][quote user="BluGiantPies"][quote user="Spizi"][quote user="JacksGiant76"]If we didn't make any other moves after today and we're picking last in the first round and the following players were available, who you take and why ?

Stephen Hill - WR
Donta Hightower - ILB
Janoris Jenkins - CB
Mike Adams - OT
Cody Fleener - TE
David Wilson - RB

Gotta say I'd lean towards Stephen Hill and a deep threat reciever to replace Manningham and keeping Cruz in the slot.


All I can say is that from your list there's no way in hell we take Hill, Jenkins, or Hightower. This leaves Adams, Fleener, and Wilson. I don't see Adams because they like Brewer and seem to take later round linemen. The thing against Wilson is his ball security and once again we like to take RBs later in the draft. So basically I think they would take Fleener out of that list and so would I.[/quote]why would that be, the giants met with hill at his pro day. Hill would be my choice outta those guys. He could stretch the field and open things up for the rest of the offense. He's a bigger faster more athletic better blocking version of manninham. I don't understand y there's no way in hell the giants would take him BC he'd pretty much be bpa and fills a need even if most of the people on this board don't think it is.[/quote]

because we're not going to take a WR in the 1st round who would only be our number 3 WR. We have 2 third round picks invested in Barden and Jernigan who both really haven't had their shots yet. Also Hill comes from GT where they do not run pro style routes so he would have a lot to learn. What team with two top 10 WRs would draft another WR in the first?? no one because no one else even has 2 top 10 WRs on their team.[/quote]by your logic the giants never should have drafted jpp either BC we already had two probowl defensive ends. See how silly that sounds. Pass rushers corners and pass catchers u can never have enough talented players at those positions.[/quote]

No that's not how my logic works lol. 2 different situations. Nicks and Cruz are both under age 25 and we have some young talent behind them. Tuck and Osi were both over the age of 27, we didn't have much depth behind them (kiwi had a neck injury), and it's quite obvious that the Giants can never have enough pass rushers. I'm just going off of how the giants have gone about things in the past. I guarantee Hill will not be selected by the giants in the 1st. I wouldn't mind it if they did though because I know what you mean about having a guy to stretch the field. Hill can definitely do that.