I have been looking at mock drafts and hoping to find our next RB...I get the idea that Reese is funneling his attention toward a RB with our first pick...Granted we haven't signed Goff yet, nor his replacement but assuming we do then it is my inclination we are looking for a RB with the first pick and this kid Chris Polk looks perfect....Good size and could possibly put on a few more pounds to enhance the power run-game. Over 4,000 yards in his college career. Fantastic YAC so he may solve the issue of a RB who can catch out of the backfield. 30+ TDS so he can look like he's been there before and is likely used to being considered the "star" and likely has learned to deal with that and his ego.
I think this kid looks ideal!!! This would be a great pick up.
Thoughts on him or other RB's are encouraged!