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    I will be happy with any of the following draft picks

    My 2012 draft Needs: (OT, C/G, RB, WR, DB, OLB)
    I will be happy with any of the following draft picks
    (Position preference A to Z order):

    === Interior Lineman C/G ===
    a) Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin - 6'5 - 315
    b) Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin - 6'4 - 315
    All the tools to be dominant guard in all phases.
    Excellent run blocker, good pass blocker, great strength.
    Versatile, also working out as a center.
    c) Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia - 6'5 - 348 (Anchor)
    d) Kelechi Osemele, OG/RT, Iowa State - 6'6 - 347 (Versatile)

    === OT ===
    a) Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford - 6'6 - 304
    Elite talent for run blocking. moves defenders to create running room.
    Can quickly get to the second level, sufficient speed to pull.
    b) Nate Potter, LT, Boise State - 6'6 - 295
    c) Bobby Massie RT, Ole Miss 6'6 316
    d) Andrew Darko, Florida State 6'6 315

    === RB ===
    a) Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama 5'9 228 (Trade up Dream)
    b) David Wilson*, RB, Virginia Tech 5'10 206
    c) Doug Martin, RB, Boise State 5'9 223 (Dave Meggetr Type)
    d) Lamar Miller, RB, Miami 5'11 212
    e) Chris Polk, RB, Washington 5'11 215
    f) Tauren Poole, RB, Tennessee 5-10 205
    g) Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State
    (*** f or g, THIS IS MY PICK 4th round)

    === WR ===
    a) Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame - 6'3 - 224
    (Possession Receiver)
    (Seriously doubt he falls to 32)
    b) Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor - 5'10 - 190
    c) Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech - 6'5 - 206
    d) Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers - 6'2 - 215
    e) Rueben Randle, WR, LSU - 6'4 - 208
    f) Juron Criner, WR, Arizona - 6'4 - 215
    g) Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma - 5'10 - 188
    h) 11.Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin - 6'3 - 220
    (Good Genes son of Jets Al Toon)
    i) Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina - 6'4 - 225
    (*** THIS IS MY WR PICK)

    === CB ===
    a) Bentley, CB, Louisiana Lafayette
    potential and ability to be an absolute lockdown corner at the next level

    === DB ===
    a) FS Kenny Tate, Maryland
    b) SS Mark Barron, Alabama

    === OLB ===
    OLB Zach Brown, North Carolina

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    Re: I will be happy with any of the following draft picks


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    Re: I will be happy with any of the following draft picks

    I agree with many of your choices.
    The only one I am not sold on is Kendall Wright.i I just think he is a bust waiting to happen.

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    Re: I will be happy with any of the following draft picks

    The most important picks are getting two OL first.

    It may not be sexy picks but its what we need most. Gives us the ability to have the flexibilty and balance we need and helps all other areas.

    Good OL means better running and passing, less time on field for D hopefully.

    We are dynamic enough to open up the passing game when needed. It will be good to be able to control games as wel with ball control time of possesion games too.

    Im sure Reese will do the right things with BPA.

    I can see us even trading up, if as key player is available that we really like. I can also see trading down too.

    I would be ok if we traded our first round pick for Oaklands 3rd round pick this year plus their first round pick next year or something like this where the draft points are close to equal!!!

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    Re: I will be happy with any of the following draft picks

    Cordy Glenn would be my ideal pick at # 32 because he can apparently play both G and T.

    I'd like a WR, but not at the 1st pick.

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    Re: I will be happy with any of the following draft picks

    Nice stuff. Would have to respectfully disagree on Jonathan Martin and Zeilter

    Zeilter to me just isn't an elite athlete. He doesn't have great initial quickness off the ball in pass protection and doesn't have much of a burst to his game. He is every bit of an elite technician but his upside is limited. Seems limited as a blocker only in a drive/man scheme. That doesn't sound like a dominant NFL guard to me.

    I can see why some feel Martin is the best tackle next to kalil. Me I wouldn't take him day 1, personally. Too soft for my liking. He isn't nasty or violent as a blocker. He's a natural knee bender, but doesn't have much of a pop into contact and gets dominated by leverage/power rushers. In the nfl he can have success blocking fineese rushers in the likes of osi or a jason babin, but will make every pass rusher look like a star when they power rush him or set up the bull rush. Leverage/power rushers like suggs, jpp, peppers, etc will destroy him. And it doesn't seem like a strength thing with him.. hes just a passive player.

    Otherwise I like the rest of your list. Would be happy with everyone there. Zach Brown is a slight problem though, would add some other olbs

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    Re: I will be happy with any of the following draft picks

    Kenny Tate got a medical redshirt and went back to school I thought

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