Key points-
Doug Martin- In fact, he even uttered the words "he might be better than Trent" not only once, but twice

Lamar Miller- He's a bigger Clinton Portis, a bigger Clinton Portis. And faster. Exceptional speed and home-run threat, without a doubt.

Robert Turbin- But too many one-man tackling, getting brought down by one guy
isn't going to get it done. Doesn't always run like a 225-pound power
back, runs like he's 205 or 210. I'm not sure he would have survived in the SEC.

Bernard Peirce- I'm not seeing a whole lot. He's a little bow-legged. He runs too
high, allows his upper body to get ahead of his legs, that's how
injuries happen. I don't see anything special. Holds ball too loose. He's not flashy,
doesn't do much to excite me. He's a "guy." He's not a back who can
consistently help me.