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Don't be shocked to see another DE drafted in the first two rounds.

Osi has to be traded this offseason.

Tuck and Kiwi will both be FAs after next year.

That's potentially 3 guys lost in the next two years, thats alot of turnover at a position that our FO likes to keep loaded.

As for need, Greg Jones has not played well at all and Goff is hurt. MLB is the biggest question mark, as we really have noone suitable on the team to play it.

Cornerback- TT and Ross possibly gone this offseason with Webster aging another year, we need another high quality player at the position. Even if TT is re-signed, I'd like to see us draft a corner with great measurables in the 3rd-4th rd area so that when it's time for Webster to go, we have a quality player.

TE/RB- our team is slowly becoming a passing juggernaut. A true athlete to play TE would be ideal. Pass catching RB fits into this as well.

Agree, if Kuechly's available it will be a slam dunk sure thing for the Giants. After that its anyone's guess.

My guess is in the 2nd round we go either C/TE/RB/DT....I don't think the secondary is as a big a need as others do. If TT returns to form, him Webster, amukamara, Phillips, and Rolle make up a pretty formidable unit on paper.

As for the Dline I think the 3some of Tuck, Kiwi and JPP should be able to hold down the fort for another year (Trade Osi for picks). As for DT it depends if JR is ready to cut his losses with Canty yet (Due 6 mil next year) which really only leave us with Linval as a proven commodity.