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Thread: I need a favor from everyone from a long time GMEN Fan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by krankeybluechick View Post
    I have a Niece who is in the Air Force Special Forces who is deploying on Wednesday to Afghanistan. Please keep her in your prayers !! She is something special and it is breaking my heart to see her go. I would try to break her legs if that would stop her from going but she'd kick my a** lol. I know this is not football related but if it were not like kids like her we would have no football. Thank you!
    Thank you for your service, Jamie Lyn; consider yourself in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Will pray for her and you every day. God Bless and Mary keep both of you and all your family.

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    To her and all who serve there: Thank you for keeping us safe and hope you all return safely back home so we can argue about our teams.

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    You got it... prayers going up.

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    I hope she don't have to kill anybody and she makes it home with no problems.

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    our prayers continue with you and your family krankey! as well as all those families with loved ones involved in those conflicts!

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    god bless her and your family and to a safe return

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    She is with the Airmen of the 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. Since I was on last her base was hit again and 2 Marines were killed. I am so nervous she only has about 2 more weeks and she'll be home. Wish it would just fly by!!! And thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! Giant fans are the best!

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