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Thread: Amukamar***

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    Saw Prince at a signing today and he was on crutches and a boot on his left foot. Anyone know what happened? Just offseason procedure?

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    Re: Amukamar***

    Had offseason surgery according to Ed Valentine...hope this doesn't affect the kid being 100% for offseason workouts and camp.


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    Re: Amukamar***

    Several players, including Tuck, have had surgical procedures. Except for Ballard and Beckum I've not seen anything that should alarm us as to them being ready for the start of the season.
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    Re: Amukamar***

    Yea i was hoping it was just a typical offseason procedure. It was however unsettling to see him in a boot on the same foot that cost him so much time last year. Hope he is well

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