[quote user="heavyhitter"][quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="heavyhitter"]. He may be the most physically gifted LB in this years class but there's too many red flags w/ this guy.

In what aspect? Finger pointing performance?

He is the least athletic LB in this draft.[/quote]Look, I'll be the first one to tell you this guys got issues (red flags) but you can't deny his talent. It's all there, he's got all the physical tools to be a great LB in the NFL. I've seen tape on him going all the way back to his days in HS, and talent like his is rare. There's no excuse for why he showed up at the combine out of shape & posting piss poor results in damn near every drill. Same goes for his Pro Day. I've said it before, his story is a damn shame. Hopefully for his sake, he can take all this negative criticism from the press & use it as motivation to change his ways at the next level. If Vontaze Burfict can somehow get his act together, he'll be a terror in the NFL.[/quote]

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