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Thread: Mock Our Rivals

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    Mock Our Rivals

    No, not that kind of mock. We do enough trash-talking.

    As the list of major free agents whittle down, should be easier in analyzing all teams' needs. And since the Giants aren't the only ones that are building in the draft, the rest of the NFC East picks have direct and indirect effects on the Giants on draft night and for up to 6x a season.

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    1. DeCastro
    2. Ta'Amu

    The one guy I prefer not to see Dallas get is Melvin Ingram. He looks far more versatile as a LBer than Upshaw who looks to be a strict jack LBer on a team that has Ware.

    They can also use a 2gap nose in Ryan's D.. Ratliff is still a residual piece from Wade Phillips' defense, and can stand to be moved over to end.

    Kyle Kosier was just released, so they can stand to upgrade, even with Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau signings.

    They can also still go secondary, even after the addition of Brandon Car.

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    1. Fletcher Cox
    2. Bobby Wagner
    2. Harrison Smith

    Even if Kuechly is available at 15, you can still argue that a 2-gap nose in a wide9 to upgrade Mike Patterson is a better pick than a much needed linebacker.

    Old article from Senior Day practices
    [quote user="The Eagles have spoken with 6 pass rushers at the Senior Bowl practices"]

    The Eagles, just like every other NFL team, are going to be speaking with hundreds of prospects between now and the draft in April. However, so far here at the Senior Bowl practices, Iíve seen the Eagles speak with eight prospects after practices. Six of them were pass rushers, and they all spoke with Player Personnel Executive, Phil Savage...

    List includes Quinton Coples, Melvin Ingram, Vinny Curry, Courtney Upshaw, Cam Johnson and Jake Bequette.

    The Eagles value the defensive line. In the past five years, theyíve drafted Brandon Graham, Daniel Teío-Nesheim, Ricky Sapp, Bryan Smith, and Victor Abiamiri. Thatís a pretty bad list...

    Donít be surprised if they keep trying to add another impact DE in the draft until they get it right.


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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    Ive read numberous places the Cowboys like Cordy Glenn very much.

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    [quote user="BlueSanta"]Ive read numberous places the Cowboys like Cordy Glenn very much.
    [/quote]It seems the Cowboys have favored those bigger O-linemen back to the days of Aikman. I think they are set at OT with Free and Smith. So maybe they plug Glenn in at either LG or RG.

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    Hopefully Dallas doesn't get Decastro

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    [quote user="Neverend"]Hopefully Dallas doesn't get Decastro[/quote]Him and Tyron Smith Will be tough together.

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    [quote user="Neverend"]Hopefully Dallas doesn't get Decastro[/quote]

    If I'd had my way

    Dallas would pick another undersized CB.
    Philly would pick another undersized DE.
    Washington would pick another undersized WR.

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    [quote user="BlueSanta"]Ive read numberous places the Cowboys like Cordy Glenn very much.

    I thought they'd be looking corner again since they didn't go after Prince last year...Guys like Kirkpatrick or Jenkins make sense. They land one of those guys to pair with Carr and their secondary should be much improved...Not that I want to see the Boys improved but their secondary was atrocious last year and if I was in their situation...I'd be all over a corner in the 1st.
    "You killed my family, and I don't like that kind of thing."

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    Re: Mock Our Rivals

    Eagles First Round: Vontaze Burfict(Punk)

    Cowboys First Round: janoris Jenkins(Criminal)

    Redskins first round: RGIII (Fresh Meat for JPP)

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