First before you read this.

This is not my original idea it was a great plan by GGTM_1977 to get everyone to collectively map out a solid blueprint for how we as fans would like to see our organization select its future in the upcoming draft. So I want to first thank GGTM_1977 for the idea. I am just merely organizing it in a way that is fun for everyone as well as productive also with ideas inputted from TheEnigma and Kruunch.

1. It will be done by round separately so there is no confusion. So it will have a deadline for the committee to decide on a couple of things before the final decision is made on who would be selected at that round.

1A. List 3 potential prospects that will be available, at where we select in each round. Also list one prospect that you feel will drop for whatever reason, this extra selection is not mandatory but if that name appears often in a majority then that name will be pooled as a possible pick.

2A. List 3 positions of need in order of most important to least in each round.

Example. ( Round 1 : TE / OL/ RB )

3A. then out of the 3 -4 prospects you selected choose your pick for that round. List if it’s a need pick or a BPA pick.


2. The deadline will be two days from the start of the round initial start. This can be started by anyone. As long as the previous round is finished, and the majority pick is selected.

3. If there is a tie then debate as to why your pick makes sense will commence, and a neutral party would have to make the final decision. * A person who’s pick was not a part of the majority.

4. If you want to Trade down then state that and then state who you feel would be best to trade down with and for what picks. Trading down will always be considered if it’s logical and good value to the organization.

( when discussing or debating picks please keep that know it all your wrong cause i'm always right attitude. debate in the form of questions or hard facts. like were actually in a draft room planning out the picks, no bickering just lively debate and opinion backed by facts )

The prospects have to be logical, like a consensus thing based off all the other projected picks by other professional analyst. I mean if you feel someone drops then fine state your cause but no well I think RG3 drops all the way to 32. Lol

If anyone have any other ideas to make this more of a smooth process, then please add your input.

Look lol we got nothing else to really talk about, its all the same stuff like were starving for information. this will be interesting to see how people would go about a role in brainstorming, and colelctively agreeing or disputing an idea that can benefit this team. Try it it might be fun once again thanks to GGTM_1977 / TheEnigma / Kruunch for the idea

ROUND 1. Pick 32>>[/B]

1. [/B]Coby Fleener ( TE ) / Donta Hightower (ILB) / Stephen Hill ( WR )>>[/B]

2. [/B]Dropped prospect… Mike Adams ( OT )>>[/B]

3. [/B]Round 1: Offensive line - Tight End – Running Back>>[/B]

4. [/B]Coby Fleener ( TE ) Need/BPA>>[/B]

I Know we just picked up Bennett, we also have Hopkins & Pascoe, but I feel that at 32 Fleener will be the BPA pick at that spot that also serves as a need, due to the fact that we lost Ballard and Beckum to injuries, and don’t have a projected date as to when they return to full health to contribute. Eli has stepped up to become an elite decision maker with the ball adding another physical threat that can also block and get our running game a spark it needs is more essential to the success of this team to contend for another division title.

This is NOT! what we think the giants will do in the Draft. this is meant for how we as individuals; Fans in a decision making position would deebate and collectively agree on the outcome of the Draft as we see it. No idea is a stupid one

*Round 1 closes out Wednesday March 21st at 9:00PM ET/8:00PM CT/3:00PM Pacific get your ideas in before then