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    Tony Stewart hits and kills young driver Kevin Ward


    You would not believe the crazies out there who think Stewart did this on purpose. This world is full of the delusional.

    I feel for the poor kid and his family....his parents were there.....but this was nothing more than a tragic accident caused by the victim, who let his temper get the best of him and walked out into the path of RACE CARS on a poorly lit track, at night in a dark suit.
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    It was clearly an accident. I personally thought it was like one of us regular people stepping outside of car with road rage on a freeway. Ward simply should not have left his car. I feel bad for all involved, but this was clearly an accident.

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    That video was rough to look at. But it's a tragic situation that could've been avoided if Ward hadn't gotten out of his car and stepped in the path of the cars.

    And it's crazy that anybody would think Stewart hit the guy on purpose. It's not like Stewart knew Ward was going to get out of his car in the middle of a race and basically step in front of his car.
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    Yet there are plenty of people who do. I assume the majority are fans of a different driver and WANT to believe he did it intentionally. Fans are nuts. We see it here all the time.
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    Very sad. But the kid let his rage get the best of him and got out running toward moving race cars. Not a good combo under yellow or any other way.

    It was said Stewart speed up and revved his engine and swerved towards him. That's not true...the rev It was said came from the other side of track.. But racers to speed up to help in effort to move away from hitting something.

    I find it hard to believe he tried to hit him.. That is ludicrous. Or if he even revved engine to try and scare him.. Unfortunate accident is all it was
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    I know nothing about race car driving so maybe someone can explain what he thought would happen by walking towards a high speeding race car. He didn't even look like he tried to get out of the way.

    Am I missing something here?

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    You're missing nothing.

    He was pissed off and not thinking, now he's dead.

    What a stupid, stupid, waste and a senseless tragedy.

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    First off I want to say this is a very sad situation and no matter how you look at it a young kids life ended Saturday night and Tony Stewarts changed forever. I feel bad for both sides....especially the kids family.

    Now, on the other side of the coin, this happens way too much in racing, NASCAR, Sprint car....you name it. Drivers get heated (as expected just like in any sport) but this one carries a little more negative consequences. I see driver very often (Tony Stewart included) get out of a car after they have wrecked and walk out into the path of oncoming cars to try and get a point across that they are not happy. This time someone lost their life on the track when they lost their temper. Also, if this were two no name drivers it would have not been talked about past Saturday nights event or past ESPN Sport Centers Sunday edition.

    Either way it's sad and hopefully change will come of this tragic accident.

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    Ward left his car and walked onto the track. wtf ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBoricua View Post
    Ward left his car and walked onto the track. wtf ?
    I guess you didnt see it, its a small track but he walked way to far down it. I know why people think he did it on purpose because how the car pulls to the left it looks like he accelerated at him, it looks like the other cars decellerated when they saw the driver Tony clearly was moving faster than the cars that passed before , makes you wonder how fast I can react if someone walked in front of me at 35mph if a race car driver coudnt miss a man

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