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Thread: Asian giant for HC

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    [quote user="giantyankee1976"][quote user="AsianGiant"][quote user="Berliner24"]That's surprising. I would figure that it would be a priority for cable/sattelite providers to offer the network stations in HD.[/quote]

    No that's actually one of the pitfalls of satellite, at least at the time I had them.

    They don't offer local channels, I'm not sure how it works, I mean I was able to get 2,4,5 and 7 with Directv but the HD part might not be available.

    With cablevision, you get HD channels for local....
    hi all i've been looming in the shadows regard to telecom, satellite technology and good o' home theatre.
    you see i went to school and studied low-voltage electricity and part of the course including classes on the aforementioned.

    so, no, i am not a guru per se, but i do have education on the topics.

    1) the satellite comapanies all share the same "parent satellites" which in most cases for our hemisphere, most are owned by DirecTV.

    the satelliet "beams" its signals to particular areas in what i can only explain as a "circle" on a region of the map.

    for true National cable stations (HBO, Skinamax etc), they have a "larger" circle of transmitted bandwidths.

    your "local" channels transmit into "smaller bandwidth circles". for example many of my in-laws are directly between chicago and south bend,IN. however they get the Michiana local stations based out of both south bend and elkhart,IN.

    2) HD tech talk
    whats the diff between progressive scan and interlace (ex 720i or 1080p)
    the image on a "P" HDTV starts at the top and works it way down (refresh rate) where-as an "I" HDTV scans "every other" line, top to bottom then"goes" back and refreshes the "odd numbers"

    plasma, lcd and dlp: lcd's are getting better and better and the decrease in price is making the HDTV more affordable in many American homes

    plasma, once a taboo due to a rather quick burn-out time, has drastically improved it's technology and offer the best quality of modern HDTV's. just get ready to pay some serious cash for one.

    dlp: the "mirrors" for one reason or another is not nearly as popular as the first 2, and i know that it's color pallette pales when compared to either a plasma or lcd, just get real close to one for example, or turn on the lights!!!

    3)Home Theatre
    so what does the number and dot number mean?
    the first number is the # of speaker satellites while the point 1 represents the LFE, low-frequency effects more commonly known as the the sub-woofer. (ex 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1)

    Dolby is the parent of the technology, DTS (Digital Theater System) offers what some think to be crisper highs and heavier lows and Lucas' THX is basically a tweaked version of Dolby. (it doesn't hurt that movies he produces are specifically tweaked so that you really enjoy that THX sound)

    in the end it's all about you, the consumer and your needs.

    next class, Surrouns Sound Speaker height and placement []

    good info</P>

    thanks bud</P>


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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    no problem guys!

    as for speaker mount and placement, the question is if you have little ones who might be tempted to mess with daddy's toys.

    if not your surround speakers should be mounted at about "ear level", with your center speaker more or less directly above or below the TV. (if you have kids/toddlers- i mounted mine at around 4.5 ft or so- it DOES detract somewhat from the experience but what the hey. besides my system is not really that high end and now is dated since i bought it at the PX back in oh-four)

    in more advanced systems they will have a feature that lets you create your "sweet spot": this is achieved by either manually programming the distance of each individual sattellite speaker in relation to your TV and Center channel.

    Some realy advanced recievers have an RF module that sets up distances for you with a push of a button. (this is when you hear that burst of white noise.)

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Just when you think things can't get any more stranger....oooohh they do!

    K-Fed needs to hide those kids...Britney is on the loose.....

    <font size="3"><b class="dateline"><h1 class="pageTitle">On The Next Dr. Phil.....</h1>[/b]</font>
    <div class="content">
    <div class="field field-type-image field-field-image">
    <div class="field-label"> </div>
    <div class="field-items">
    <div class="field-item">
    <div align="left"></div>
    <div align="left">Just what she needs! Dr. Phil visited Brit Brit this morning before she was released from the hospital and he's apparently trying to get her on his show for Monday. TMZ
    reports that the Dr. Phil Show had already planned to do a Brit special
    shooting on Monday and airing on Wednesday and now she may appear on
    the show. Dr. Phil's hit the jackpot! He's so happy that he's probably
    doing the cabbage patch.
    <div align="left"></div>
    <div align="left">Leave it to Brit to seek help from Dr. Insane. He's
    probably agreeing with everything she says just so he can land her on
    his show. "You say you want meth? Yes Brit whatever you say. You
    say you want Starbucks to do a meth flavored frapp? I will make it
    happen...just sign on the dotted line...
    <div align="left"></div>
    <div align="left">She would probably receive better treatment from ****ing Dr. Doolittle than Dr. Phil.

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    congratulations for the person who started this post ..... i have no clue why people still post here though.

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    [quote user="Hilliard88"]congratulations for the person who started this post ..... i have no clue why people still post here though.[/quote]</P>

    Boredom lol</P>
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    I'm not sure who I want to win. I hate the Redskins so I know I don't want them to advance. But I also hate the Seahawks and I think they pose a bigger threat. So I'm torn.

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Hi Bleu!!!!
    I think I will just root for the foreskins to lose......
    Wow....it is sooo friggin loud in the house of horrors.....

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    [quote user="Bleu"]I'm not sure who I want to win. I hate the Redskins so I know I don't want them to advance. But I also hate the Seahawks and I think they pose a bigger threat. So I'm torn.[/quote]

    hey bleu!! how are you?

    I feel the same way. i think I want the Seahawks to win, but I want a scrappy ugly game, with low scoring. and not low scoring because of solid D, but because of many mistakes on O!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    oh, and hi JG!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Hi andy!

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