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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Hey everyone, i hope we destroy the Cowboys today! I don't care though as long as we win!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    out of these 8 games, i picked like 2 of them right so far haha
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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    [quote user="JerseyGiant21"]Is today twilight zone day in the NFL? Some of these 1pm games..what is going on?!?!?

    I hope the Giants take care of business today


    The lambs stadium started out packed, the Cardinals smoked them bad, and by the 4th quarter, the stadium had like 3 people left in the stands!!! How sad....& embarrassing on national TV!!!

    People spend a ton of $$$ on a ticket, & would rather beat traffic, than finish watching the game.

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    [quote user="AsianGiant"][quote user="NYG_SBXLIII"]AG, I think I just saw the comedian that you were talking about. Isn't he the guy that is on Fox football Sunday & he predicts the scores (in a funny way) with Michael Strahan & the guys?

    After I read about you guys bragging about Ironman, I bought it on sale at Costco. Tried to watch it & I wimped out when they were getting ready to put that fire stick in that guys mouth.

    Just read on Fox iPhone news last week, where there was this poor dad in Afganistan....all of the sudden they went in his house, & cut his eyes out in front of all of his kids & wife.

    There are some brutal animals over there. Made me want to
    pray for our political leaders that have to deal with those psychopaths.....yuck.[/quote]

    Yes, that is Frank Caliendo. He came from MadTV and replaced Jimmy Kimmel on the Fox pregame. Jimmy Kimmel became too big for the Fox crew so he left. But I think it was a bad decision because I don't
    think Jimmy Kimmel really changed his career that dramatically.

    Now Frank has his own show, doesn't do MadTV anymore and just does the football picks on Foxsports...

    He's really funny...

    Stop whimping
    out on Ironman...watch the rest of it, it is great!!!


    Thx for the scoop....I am going to try & get an iron gut & finish the movie. Violent stuff just makes me sick.

    YES!!! I have got the NYG's on TV....OMG they look good!!!
    Eli to Boss=TD......love it!!!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Corey Webster is the Man!!!! You know TO is peeeessed off @ that play, big time!

    OMG I love this game!!!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Hmm...I'm starting to get scared again when Eli throws....

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    [quote user="AsianGiant"]Hmm...I'm starting to get scared again when Eli throws....

    Don't be scared. []

    We won......great!

    I see we can't make new threads. LOL

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Loved that game!!! Awesome!!!

    The cowbabies got killed, bad. I wonder how all those folks that said that the cowgirls would win the SB feel now...hehe

    GB almost beat the undefeated Titans??!! What??!!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    Great game today.

    Defense was just great.

    Big game next week...let's keep it up!

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    Re: Asian giant for HC

    This is a prank call from a Quebec comedy duo who punked Sarah Palin last week thinking she was talking to the French president!!!


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