Barring an unforeseen draft-day miracle, Kuechly won't be there when we pick. Usually I love how we build through the draft and for the most part stay put in our spot and let the cards fall where they may. With that being said I'm starting to think that if Kuechly makes it into the late teens or beyond we need to seriously think of moving up. Now I wouldn't mortgage the whole draft on him, but if we could move up and lose a few mid and late round picks, or future picks then this seriously needs to be considered. I think he is going to be a stud for years to come and probably the most sound LB prospect since my man Patrick Willis, though admittedly not quite the prospect, but Willis is a freak. We have all been clamoring for a stud LB for years now and I think he may be our best shot. Not to mention he is a class act, leader, and great locker-room presence. Anyway, would you guys be willing to trade a few of our picks to move say... 10 spots or so up to snag him.