[quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="BlueSanta"]I dont see it. I love Kuechly as a prospect, but we have too many needs this year, and we do too well with our picks under Reese to trade them away.

I also think you have to be careful not to "fall in love" with any 1 prospect, even if Luke is a stud prospect.

With Goff visiting other teams, if Kuechly drops to us he might very well be our pick.

I just don't see him dropping that far. Great productioin, great college career, solid school, no character issues, great Combine .... he's like the model of what to do as a draft prospect.

His only knock is that he plays a position that's disappearing in the NFL.[/quote]

ya, dont get me wrong, if he somehow dropped to our pick I would jump all over him. I have been saying for months that I thought we should target him. But, I knew after the combine he was likely out of our reach.

It was kind of odd really, I was saying prior to the combine look at his 2 games vs FSU where he was all over the field. I saw him run down Davonte Freeman, who is an well known speedster. Yet, prior to the combine there were scouts saying he had "subpar" athleticism. During the cobime I saw him run and was inwardly like "SEE! I KNEW IT." Then, a moment later I thought, "why am I happy? He just ran himself out of our reach."

The problem is I do not think trading up in the 1st is wise except maybe for a QB. Look at recent trade ups and tell me if you think the teams who did it are happy? Do you think the Falcons, who sold their soul for Julio Jones are happy right now? I know its a bit early, but I would have to say no, they arent. How about the Saints who traded away their 1st this year for Mark Ingram who was their 3rd leading rusher?