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    Better with Boothe??

    Who thinks we are a better OLine with Boothe in there? I think we are for sure, any opinions?

    Also, I know hes been hurt a lot, but so far Baas has been a bust!!

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    Re: Better with Boothe??


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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    Anyone besides me think the Oline is much better with Boothe in there?

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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    is this your twitter?

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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    lol sorry, no I just was really noticing a BIG BIG difference with the physicallity of the line play with hi in there, and was wondering if anyone else noticed it as well.. Sorry

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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    Boothe is a very good lineman, he's smart and versatile. I'm not sure that center is his best position, but he's definitely a better center than Baas with his neck injury. Boothe, along with Petrus and Snee make a good run blocking trio. They opened up nice holes last week, especially in the middle.
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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    I believe we have two Maulers at the Guard Pos. I thought Booth should have been given the Center job after last year.

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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    Don't matter who is in there, Gilbride will pass all day.
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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    We actually looked like the old smashmouth Giants. So I would have to say yes

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    Re: Better with Boothe??

    I have always been a fan of Boothe ever since I saw him practically play all the positions on the line last year. I think he should be a fixture in there.

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