Every year leading up to the draft, I find myself really hoping we take 1 or 2 guys that I really want to see in Blue.

This year for me its 2 boise st players:

George Iloka (S)- big (6'3") strong safety(converted cb) who can really hit. He has some ball skills, but i think his role would be better served playing the Deon Grant roll where he could step up into the box and play the run, but also step back and run with a TE in the seam.

Doug Martin- Is the perfect compliment (and replacement for jacobs) to AB. is not the biggest guy (5'9" 223), but is very strong and very agile. Nickname is Muscle Hampster. Did 28 Reps at his pro day, and is a decent blocker (needs some work). He catches the ball out of the backfield. Is a downhill runner and keeps feet moving forward.

Who do you all like?