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[quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="GMENAGAIN"]Always have to be wary about players whose draft stock rises when no football is being played* . . . .[/quote] That means we'd have to be wary of every player in the draft whose draft stacking isn't falling .... while no football is being played.[/quote]

The fact of the matter is that I don't think that a player's stock rises or falls with the NFL drafters too much based upon what happens after the college football season is over . . . . that's more of a media and a mock drafter thing.

Are there exception to this?* Yes -- a guy could have awful interviews,*a medical problem or an absolutely horrific workout that could affect his stock in the mind of*NFL teams, but I don't think that a player's stock will rise in NFL circles all that dramatically if he runs a 4.45 when he was expected to run a 4.6 . . . . . . .*


It might not be your opinion but in actuality this happens every year with a lot of players.

Combine 40 yard times have made/brteak draft stocks. I don't agree with the thinking (in that I agree with you) but it does happen.

Stephen Hill was a borderline 4th round prospect after the 2011 bowl games.

He's now a borderline 1st round prospect.

All based on the Combine.