[quote user="BlueSanta"]While I do like Hill, and Still. I do not think this mock makes much sense except in that it appears you tried to give teams players in order to get the guys you like down to pick 32.

I do not see Hill making it past the Broncos or Ravens. I think Brandon Thompson is a 2nd rounder, but if he is taken in the 1st I do not think it will be the Broncos, who need someone to catch passes from Peyton.*

But, to be fair,* this draft isnt completely unbelievable and if people should take anything from it, it is that guys you think are unattainable may in fact not be. Just based on film I would not think Still woud have much chance of being there at 32, but now I am not sure. Fleener isnt on this list, and I think he is a late 1st rounder now. So, you never know

[/quote]Though the Ravens like speed they want a guy who can effectively run routes that's why I put Kendall Wright. he is fast, runs good routes and is a deep ball threat. The Broncos have Demarious Thomas and Erick Decker who are two good pass catchers plus a stable of young fast TEs. I mean by drafting Hill there your drafting a Thomas clone and they lost the heart of their D-line in Bunkley who stuffed the run (and was the best at i in 2012) so they need a plugger inside and that's Thompson. The only thing that bug me about my board is Reiff but I can't find a spot that's really logical.