excuse my small novel posts

i think they take best looking 4-3 lb available unless crazy value presents itself. please don't ask me to explain cause it will take a novel lol. just reference the 4 different types of views from our fans on these boards for answers for what we need not the trolls. if im still on and have a few more i might make a thread about that lol. its the last days of these great boards anyway that i have been reading for years.

i don't really like college football that much and you really never know what to expect from rooks. so can someone please explain to me what they see in the players possibly available and taken by us. imo we need lb 10-10 oline 8-10 bpa over 1 of those would have to seem like complete steals such as prince and austin only time will tell. and no way in the underworld i would draft a qb atm.