[quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="NYG_88"]For the first round pick? I mean I think the Giants bigger needs are LB and O-Line but this 32 pick can go anyway depending on the how the top 5 picks go.[/quote]

For any pick, doesnt matter.

Bigger argument is player rankings, is Kuechly a better player than Fleener. Which I do believe he is.

Giants always draft mix of value and position of need.

Both Fleener & Kuechly would fit both if avaliable at 32. So its likely a matter of which they think is the better player.

But I think that decision is made for the giants, very improbable that both are avaliable at 32. And I dont think Hightower is as good a player as Fleener, not by a long shot[/quote]

If it presents itself between Kuechly and Fleener for the 32nd pick, it would be interesting which they would go. Think most Giants fan would choose Kuechly and I would too.