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[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="tonyt830"][quote user="BlueSanta"]Luke has the most value of any of these guys mentioned.

But his position is not 1 of more need than the others , thats just your opinion and I dont agree.
[/quote]Well I have said it before. I would not be shocked to see Reese take a DE or DT at 32, if he feels they are the BPA at 32. BlueSanta, could you see Reese trading out of the first rd? I wonder if the Rams would trade their 2nd and the Redskins 2nd to move into the 1st rd?[/quote]

I dont know, its not impossible, but I dont think it likely either, especially withe the Skins. I do think a trade back is more likely than a trade up.

It all depends on Reese board. If you believe his post Draft comments in the past couple years he has had guys he rated way higher than where we were picking fall right into his lap.

But, if this years 32nd pick rolls around and there isnt a pick he loves, its not impossible that he might trade down.
[/quote]Oh if I mistyped or you misunderstood, but when I mentioned trade down, possibly with the Rams, I meant their 2 2nd rd picks---1 of which is the one the Rams acquired from the Skins to get the overall number 2 pick.

But yeah I agree trade down would be more likely than trade up in the 1st rd.


I agree, though I am curious to see how the slotted picks / rookie salary cap affects JR's aggression on draft day.