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Luke looks like an elite athlete here. Sideline to sideline speed and routinely showed a tremendous closing burst.

Anyone who thinks he might struggle playing man coverage in the nfl needs to look at this video.[/quote]Struggled against CLemson in coverage[/quote]

dont think it was that bad, tho that clemson game had exclusively all zone cvg. his route recognition, awareness, and speed recovering from playaction can be a little better and at times he did struggle locating the ball in the air. but i think hes still an excellent zone corner, as long as he reads the qb, recognizes routes, and gets depth its good enough for me

like that seam route late in the game to watkins. he had great depth but watkins was able to leap too high for luke to make a play on that. I think thats what you want from a LB dropping deep -- if he can effect the flight of the throw and force a QB to sail it high or float it, then the linebacker did his job in zone. That watkins catch is a good example. And in zone cvg kuechly always does an excellent job of giving up no extra yardage underneath.

Game wasnt perfect for him but nothing that seems like it would be a major liability in the nfl imo[/quote]Getting a little off subject, but Sammy Watkins is the real deal. Wish he would have stayed and played his college ball in state.