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Thread: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    No need to trade up, especially for only amedium value position.

    If you look at JRs' drafts, he always looks at value at the spot. And if there's a good player, at a premium position (OT, DE, CB, WR)that drops to us, he'll take that player.

    I also wouldn't discount the prospect of JR trading down if he gets the right offer. He likes having extra picks and we more guys to fill out the back end of our roster than we do immediate starters.

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    i dont think the giants will have to trade up for fleener. if he is available when we pick then i hope we take him. he reminds of jimmy graham. fleener would be a big threat at TE, something we havent had since shockey, and he wasnt a bad blocker at stanford either.

    our TE situation is bad imo, we have pascoe and bennett going into the season. beckum may be cut, ballard wont be back til mid season and who knows how good he will be. bennett is a ? at this point, i've heard of the potential but i havent seen anything to make me think he will be good, plus he only has a 1 year deal.

    that being said, the only other team that i could see taking fleener in the 1st would be the ravens but i see them taking a CB or S. i think fleener will be there when we pick and i hope we take him

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    TE is less of a need than our offensive tackles...

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    [quote user="AllTuckedUp"][quote user="Kase-1"][quote user="AllTuckedUp"]Trade up and get Fleener. Like I said before, he is big, fast, can catch, runs good routes. Give Eli a tight end![/quote]One of the big name TE's (Allen or Fleener) is gonna drop far in the draft. Neither one is as good of a prospect as Kyle Rudolph and he got drafted in the middle of the 2nd round. Call me crazy, but I can see both of those guys being there by the time we pick in the 2nd round
    [/quote] Fleener won't be. I can see allen.[/quote] Allen is Fred Davis without the off field issues.. I'd take him in a nano second if he was on the board when we picked in RD 2... Shoot, i'd trade up 7-10 spots to get em in rd 2.. The kid had Kyle Parker and a Freshman throwing him balls at Clemson.. He'd be amazing teamed up with ELI...

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    Trade down and have 10 picks .grab one for next year . But at 32 trading up seems to costly.

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    [quote user="Toadofsteel"]TE is less of a need than our offensive tackles...[/quote]

    Draft on value and need. Not really an offensive tackle prospect worthy at 32, unless mike adams makes it there which I doubt. Can't see the giants giving massie or sanders 1st round grades + them being BPA

    Not really a G prospect with a probable 1st round grade at 32 besides Konz. I don't think Silatolu is really a first round prospect. Comparing him to Ben Ijalana last year (as a small school LT), I don't think silatolu is in his class -- especially as an athlete. And Ben went mid second round (the giants really liked him a lot)

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    [quote user="buddy33"][quote user="Pakman"][quote user="buddy33"]I don't know about trading up, but they do need a TE.[/quote]

    Bennett, Ballard, and Pascoe ....I'm good[/quote]

    Bennett has not done much in his 4 years as a pro and Ballard might not play this year.[/quote]
    Bennett has played well. Keep in mind he was behind Witten his entire career. Now he has his opportunity to start. Him and Ballard will be a great combo when Ballard comes back.

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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    [quote user="shockeyg"]Trade down and have 10 picks .grab one for next year . But at 32 trading up seems to costly.[/quote]

    Yep I remember when the Steelers traded up in 06 to get Santonio Holmes and the Giants got the 32 pick ( Kiwi ) , the 96 and the 129 pick . An understatement in how much that move cost the Steelers in the end .
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    Re: We have 8 picks lets trade up!

    Much rather trade up in the 2nd & grab some of the 1st round overflow

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