Here is the 2012 version of my NFL mock draft creator
spreadsheet. Some of you may remember it
from previous years. It essentially has
the same features as previous spreadsheets.
Some of the features of the sheet are as follows.>>


Over 325 draft eligible players listed, ranked via an average
of online rankings.>>

Team statistical rankings page.>>

NFL Combine results.>>

Easy to use to research/follow the draft and to make your
own mock drafts for all teams or just the team you follow.>>


You can navigate by using the main page buttons which are
macro driven or if you wish to not use macros you can navigate manually via the
worksheet tabs at the bottom of the page.>>


The spreadsheet link to google docs is below. Once you click the link to the document go
to “File”….”Download” to download the sheet.
Happy drafting!>>