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    Re: NYG Mock 3/27/12

    Don't care for the Zach Brown pick. I do like 2 3 the 4's and the 5. Green could and Turbin should go b4 then.

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    Re: NYG Mock 3/27/12

    [quote user="GiantPride27"][quote user="G-Men Surg."][quote user="GiantPride27"]1. – Z. Brown – OLB – UNC – Simple Best Player Available (could very well end up being Fleener, Hightower, etc. but I think it will be brown). Practically a second round pick and you’re getting the best athlete at the position. Kid has great upside especially in a young and good character Front 7 like the Giants.
    2. – Kelechi Osemele – OG – Iowa State – I think he is a very underrated OL in this draft. Keep DD at OT and have Osemele opposite Snee.
    3. – Mychal Kendricks – ILB – California – another prospect who I feel is underrated. Has the size and athleticism to be a three down LB.
    4a. – R. Turbin – RB – Utah State – Big power back who can be a solid replacement for Jacobs. Runs hard and low. Has decent ball skills out of the backfield. Can Pass Block. Isn’t going to break any ankles but will run through defenders.
    4b. – L. Green – TE – Louisiana – Lafayette – Great Receiving Threat in the mould of Hernandez. Runs a 4.5 40yrd dash. Isn’t a great blocker but gives great effort.
    5. – N. Potter – OL – Boise State – Solid OL who can play all down the line. Will add solid depth and needed youth. Potential starting quality after a few years as back up. I am very high on him personally.
    6. – D. Page-Moss – DE – UNC – Injuries have him so low but was a 1st round potential prior to it. After a year of getting back in football shape and rotating in (i.e. M. Austin) could be a sleeper star
    7. – Blair Walsh – K – Georgia – I just really hate L.Tynes and want a new kicker. Yes he had a ok year but I want to feel confident not scared when my kicker takes the field.[/quote]

    Not bad ! But 2 things to consider IMO, I don't see the giants drafting a K this year or any year for that matter and second, no WR drafted in your mock. I actually thing the Giants have a lot of WRs in their radar and actually some of them very early in the draft if available.[/quote]

    IMO there is not as big of a need at WR as people make it out to be. We drafted JJ in the 3rd for a reason. the giants expect him to step up. also picking up Green(TE) covers alot of the 3rd and 4th receiver positions bc he is that hybrid Hback type player and used split out like dustin keller and aaron hernandez.

    if they do pick one up i would love a Marvin McNutt from Iowa. He reminds with of Toomer. Big Body posession guy. wont blow anyones doors off in a foot race but will run solid routes and catch everything thrown his way[/quote]
    The Giants met With Alshon Jeffery bro. Lets take it with a grain of salt. Not saying that the Giants are going after him for sure but if we read between the lines this says a lot. The Giants are going after a WR, period. They lost 2 quality WR two years in a row and in the last 6 years only one year ( 2010 ) the Giants haven't drafted a WR. I have my favorites ( WR's ) but if Big Blue, Reese and Co. think Alshon is worth it then I'M ALL IN.
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