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Thread: Osi Status

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    Osi Status

    Anybody hear anything about Osi and the possibility of his contract being re-worked?

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    Re: Osi Status

    Nothing yet
    Football has been very, very good to us.
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    Let's make it 5 in 2014 !!!

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    Re: Osi Status

    He's still under contract. I wouldn't expect to see any movement there until Reese has decided FA is over, if then.
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    Re: Osi Status

    Who cares? We have him for at least another year. Enjoy him while he's still got it.
    If it takes a year to figure out an offense, it's the wrong offense.

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    Re: Osi Status

    [quote user="RoanokeFan"]He's still under contract.* I wouldn't expect to see any movement there until Reese has decided FA is over, if then.
    +1. JR's concentrating on the actual FAs right now. I think he's going to address Osi sometime this Spring and see if he can sign him long term or not.

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    Re: Osi Status

    im tired of osi, well osi talk. i just want to see him play well and resign next season at a fair rate.

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