Now I know there is no way that Blackmon falls down far enough to get to our pick......but looking at some of the mocks from, and what they have teams picking vs what teams have done in FA....I think there is a good chance one of these 1st round caliber guys falls to us.....For example alot of the analysts mocks have CHI drafting Floyd.....I wouldn't be surprised if they go another route now that they have Marshall, also some mocks have SF taking Hill/Randle/Wright.....but they picked up MM and Moss.

Justin Blackmon WR 1 Oklahoma State rJr 6-1 207 1

Michael Floyd WR 2 Notre Dame Sr 6-3 220 1

Kendall Wright WR 3 Baylor Sr 5-10 196 1

Rueben Randle WR 4 LSU Jr 6-3 210 1-2

Stephen Hill WR 5 Georgia Tech Jr 6-4 215 1-2